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Traffic Building Tips To Increase Ranking

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Traffic Building Tips To Increase Ranking


When you’re building traffic to your website, there really is never and ending point. Even if you’re ranked number one in search results for several of your most relevant keywords, there are always things you can monitor and continue to do to ensure your rankings increase and/or remain high.

Here is a traffic building list of basic principles to follow:

  • Filling your site with valuable content is always a winner, and should be a top priority.
  • Research keywords that are relevant to your niche, products, and/or services. Use the ones that are actively being searched based on your findings. Don’t guess!
  • Use keywords efficiently by placing them within the page title, the first 25 words of your article, and about 3-5% throughout the article.
  • Keep the site design and navigation simple so that visitors can easily find their way around, have a pleasant experience and feel confident in buying from you. This also helps in word of mouth referrals and getting reviews, etc.
  • Submit your articles to social bookingmarkng sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, etc. on a regular basis. Remember, it’s not just your main home page that gets ranked, it’s every page. Use a free tool like Social Marker to speed up the process of submitting to several at once.
  • Keep an eye on the competition. Are your competitors out-ranking you? Monitor their site, articles, and seo tactics and find out what they are doing that you’re not.
  • Use Analytics to your advantage. Google Analytics is a poerful tool that shows you an enormous amount of information about your website traffic like where they came from, how long they stayed, what page they were on when they left, and tons more.
  • Give your visitors a reason to remember you. Have them sign up to a free newsletter, give away a free report, run contests, etc.
  • Long gone are the days when your online presence was a static brochure. You need a dynamic presence and interaction with your customers through video, twitter, and other means.

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