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Traffic Building: Researching Your Competition

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Traffic Building: Researching Your Competition


One of the best ways to increase your websites traffic is to compare what your competitor is doing so you can see what is working for them that you are not doing with your website. Seeing how your competitor is attracting traffic will help you change your tactics to increase yours.

Visit Alexa.com and download the toolbar. The toolbar provides you ranking of your web pages so you can view the total traffic relative to other sites with Alexa users. To determine how your site rates, view the figure provided. The lower the figure the better your ratings. Use this figure to compare to your competitors.

Compete.com allows you to download the compete equivalent to Alexa. This additional source also shows you a wider base for the data collected. The toolbar uses data from ASPs, ISPs, and opt-in panels so you are provided a larger calculation of the competitors.

Netcraft is another free toolbar with tremendous information you can use to compare your site to your competitors. This site provides information about web servers versus individual domains, yet it is useful when you want more detailed information about your competitor’s server.

If you are very serious about finding out about your competitors, use a paid commercial site such as Hitwise and ComScore that will provide more broadened information.
Depending on the type of business you have, you have many options to determine what is working for your competitors so you can mimic that method to increase the traffic to your site. It is worth your time to find out how to improve your site with every bit of information you can gather.

A business-to-business website also known as B2B regards traffic differently than a business to customer known as B2C website. The B2B is designed to display the services and products with a landing page designed to maintain contact with the site visitor and completing a sale sometime. Knowing the difference between the B2B and B2C will make all the difference in the world with your website. Think about how you want to make your sales and design your site accordingly.

It is not so much how much traffic your website receives but the type of traffic you get and how you deal with the site visitors. Determining how you will deal with the visitors to your site will mean a potential customer or just someone that saw what you had within your site. If you are sales based with your site, you will collect information about the visitor so you can contact them in the future to get a sale.

Use the right tools to generate a sale by seeing what your competitor is doing with their site. Some businesses do not worry about using the right tools to keep contact information on the site visitors. They lose potential sales without the information. Do not make this mistake with your site or business.

Review your competitors to incorporate what features are working for them, and add more tools to your site to create the sales you are seeking.

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